Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Is Found

( I have been sick with the stomach flu so these are the only pictures I have to post at this time. I am bummed that I am missing Inspiration Monday today. Enjoy my salute to Spring finally appearing last week.)

When: Thursday, May 5

Otto, Ava, and  I have been watching a swan sit on her nest for the last couple of months. I can only assume that her babies will be hatching soon. She is a tough mother having survived some major flooding of the pond her nest is built in and always staying on her nest as her mate brings her water plants to eat. It has been a really amazing gift for us to be able to witness the devotion between the two adult swans as they prepare for their babies to arrive. (The babies made their debut yesterday on Mother's Day!)

We have driven past the nesting location each day to and from day care and work. I decided to try and discover if I could find a spot closer to the water for Otto and Ava to watch the swans and discovered this location. (Otto and Ava were craning their necks to get a peak at the babies this morning on the way to day-care.) My husband was excited when I described the spot and he shared stories of playing hockey on the pond in that spot as a kid.

Water has always been something that instantly relaxes me and this private location was made even more so since it is hidden away a bit within one of the many parks in Saline. Otto and Ava was big enough now to spend a lot more time outside this summer. I am very excited to spend our lazy summer days in the woods around our town. I am also looking forward to the wonder and excitement of Otto and Ava when the baby swans follow their parents out of the nest and onto the water for the first time.




Cardigan: Vivari (Goodwill, 2009, $3)
Thermal Stripe Shirt: Liz Claiborne (Goodwill, 2011, $3)
Jacket: Merona (Target, 2007, Clearance)
Jeggings: NY&Co (Clearance, 2010)
Buckle Heeled Shoes: Clarks (Goodwill, $3.75)