Friday, May 6, 2011

Lumberjacks Unite

When: Wednesday, April 4

I was sent a lovely compliment from Monica and Whitney of Ask The Duplex so I headed over to take a look at their blog. It is fantastic, by the way so click the link and stop by to say hello. Anywho, I was reading through their posts and saw two posts where Whitney wore a plaid shirt of her husband's and then Monica wore a plaid shirt of her husband's to inspire a different spin on the look.

Both ladies looked terrific and this inspired me to take a look in my husband's 1/4 of our closet. Voila, three plaid shirts to choose from and my outfit was born. Greg likes to wear his clothes really big so the shirt was an XL. It just hung on me like a sack so I belted the waist and puckered the back to make pleats. I didn't take a picture of myself from behind as my booty doesn't like being in pictures after an unfortunate shorts photo that was taken in 1999 of me trying to look cute while bending over. Needless to say it wasn't cute and I have been scarred from that image for life.

I am beginning to feel like I am in a 1990's flashback since this is where at least one item of clothing I have worn this week originated. Greg bought this shirt during the grunge era so it is, as I like to refer to, authentic grunge plaid. It is in really good shape considering the number of times he has worn it, which is weekly in the winter and fall. I liked having something on that was owned by my sweetie. The funny part is that when I went to work in the morning Greg was gone and when I got home I timed it to see how long it would take him to notice that I was wearing his shirt. It took ten minutes of me standing in front of him talking about my day for him to finally realize that I was wearing it and that was after I made a comment about me looking a lot better in his shirt then he did. His first question was where were the sleeves! I guess he is too used to me cutting and altering my clothes to fit my mood. I had to assure him that I didn't cut them off but instead rolled them up:) Oh sweet man how I love you! Happy Ten Year Dating Anniversary (5/5/2001-5/5/2011). Where have the year's gone?




Who:Shirt: Polo (Outlet, 1998)
Cardigan: (Ross Dress For Less, 2008)
Skinny Pants: Merona (Target, 2010)
Shoes: (Payless, 2009)
Belt: Mossimo (Target, 2010)
Necklace: Lucy and Laurel (TJ Maxx, 2009)
Bracelet: French Connection (Asos, 2010)