Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lavender Love

When: Sunday, May 15

Sunday was yet another dismal day, weather wise, in Southeast Michigan. I took the kids to church in the morning and wanted to wear this lovely Ann Taylor skirt really badly. I just thrifted it last week from the Goodwill for $3! Kendi  has a similar skirt from J Crew and ever since I saw her posts with her wearing hers I wanted one for myself. There is something that is so much fun about wearing color. So even though gray and drizzle seems to be the only weather capable of occurring this spring, I can look like a spring flower all by myself.




Shirt: Miu Miu (Marshall's, 2011)
Wrap: Cable and Gauge (Marshall's, 2011)
Skirt: Ann Taylor (Goodwill, $3)
Wedges: Mossimo (Target, 2007)