Friday, May 27, 2011

Erdem All, Yes, Please!

I do not personally love blogs that just post pictures from magazines and have no content of their own. I am breaking my own rule though and posting these AMAZING images from the London Spring/Summer 2011, Ready To Wear show from designer Erdem. I am not familiar with this particular designer but let me tell you after viewing these spectacular pieces I will be investing some time in familiarizing myself with more of Erdem's work.

Here is another link to Glamour Magazine's site where Erdem's full looks can be seen.

I have never viewed a collection from a designer where I can picture myself wearing each piece, but this one is a dream come true. The detailing alone makes it a stand out to me. Along with the detailing is the meticulous placement to accent a woman's curves. From the focus of the pattern at the waist to the gathering of flowers near the hemline to draw the eye to view lovely gams.

Even the shoes are outstanding and wearable.

Erdem's Spring/Summer collection combines a vintage feel with modern lines. The silhouettes are beautiful and could be worn by ladies of all sizes. I think that is one of the main reasons I love this collection.

I cannot decide which one is my favorite, but I can tell you that I want them all! I am going to go home and figure out how to create inspired styles of my own. This is really a huge motivator to me to get sewing!

Thanks for indulging a little inspiration instead of photos of my own outfits today!

Have a wonderful weekend!