Friday, April 1, 2011

Look This Way

When: Thursday, March 31

What about that wall, huh? Don't you love it? AND a lovely black arrow to direct your view. No, I am not a narcissist. I just couldn't help but love this location.

I had not planned to take pictures today since this week has been crazy with finalizing everything for our family vacay to Miami, but when I saw this wall I couldn't help myself. I carry my tripod and camera with me in my car just for situations like this.
I have to say that the shirt I am wearing is one of my very favorites. It reminds me of Spanish culture and flamingo dancers. Fitting that I purchased in Miami a couple years back during that year's trip. To day was "Kiss A Cow Day" for the Got Milk? promo at work so I purposely picked my shirt since I would be the one giving a kiss on the head to a one week old calf. I was really excited about this. Someone took pictures so if I can get my hands on them I will post those as well later. The calf was adorable. Yes, I realize that wearing heels in a cow pen may not have been the best idea but I do love them and they added a subtle bit of glamour to my outfit.



P.S. Have a fabulous week next week! I will be posting some outfit pics from my trip when I get back:)

Shirt: Ross Dress For Less
Pants: Target
Shoes: Marshall's