Friday, April 1, 2011

A Thrifty Reveal

Kris, of A Thrifty LA Life, challenged her readers to put together a runway inspired and completely thrifted look. Well... I couldn't do it. I can blame it on time, inability to find items, inability to find a look to copy, but basically I had to come up with something else.

So, in the an effort to support this lovely lady I am showcasing outfits that contain items that were thrifted and fabulous. (I have to say it is surreal to look at my many hairstyles a changing, LOL)

Caplet ($2): Goodwill

Skirt($3) and Lace Shirt($3): Goodwill

Tunic Liberty Of London ($5): Goodwill

Pants ($7) and Coat ($5): Goodwill

Button Down Shirt ($4): Goodwill

Since I am feeling like I am in a slight budget crisis lately, thrifting is going to become my new main go to mantra. I need to keep reading all of the amazing bloggers who live a complete thrifted life style and continue to be inspired by them.

Here is my plan of action...

a) Discover where more thrift stores are in my area (I only know of 3 and they include the Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Value Village)

b) Since this is going to require some time to pick through the clothes. I am going to make sure that whatever it is that I feel I need that I really need it.

c) STOP ON LINE SHOPPING! I am a glutton for punishment by just click, click, clicking away on line. I only shop the sale sections but still it adds up.

Okay, I have stated it here so I have to follow through. That is one thing about having a public platform, it feels a lot worse when you don't follow through when you made a public statement.