Tuesday, March 8, 2011

J Crew Improv

When: Saturday, March 5 and  Monday, March 7

A hair style to me is more than just an accessory. It is really where the inspiration and attitude comes from for style. It isn't that I didn't like my hair before, although it had been since December that I had cut it so it was WAY to long. It is more that I needed a change and the simplest thing that I could foresee doing, that would make the largest impact, was cutting all my hair off. So that is really, I think, why I am looking at things with a new perspective. The same outfits don't look the same now because my hair is totally different.

Take this particular outfit...I'm Feeling Like I Am Rocking J Crew
Sequin Tank: The sequin tank being worn in the winter was inspired by one of my dear friends who had worn the almost same exact tank under a black airy cardigan to dinner two weekends ago. Seeing her in the stylish little number reminded me that in the back of my closet I also had a little sequin tank hanging. At first I was going to just copy her exact outfit but since we were going to her house for a wine tasting I decided that I didn't really want to do that.
Statement Necklace: The next step for me was the necklace. I really love this necklace and it was a splurge purchase two years ago. I have hardly worn it though since it seemed so dressy to me until I was looking at the new spring looks and a lot of them have statement piece necklaces being worn with casual tanks and tops. I thought that the sequin tank and the necklace would look interesting together.

Pearl Earrings: Biggest plus to having short hair is that my ears are visible so all of my earrings can be seen. I usually don't wear stud earrings since they were never visible with my longer hair. With short hair they can take part in the entire look which is really exciting to me since I have a lot of earrings to choose from now.

Gray Turtleneck: I didn't want to appear super dressy, since I knew that people would be wearing causal clothing, but honestly whenever I get together with this particular friend I usually dress up a bit more since we both love fashion it gives me an added excuse to take things up a notch. I was going to wear a black turtleneck but liked the look of the gray turtleneck and it added the balance of a more casual approach which is what I was looking for.

Black Skirt: This seemed a no brainer since I already knew that I didn't want to just wear jeans, although looking at the outfit jeans could have worked as well. I really like wearing skirts. It quickly dresses up any outfit. I wore black since that is the only solid color skirt I own and I wanted the necklace and sequin to take the stage over the skirt color.

Purple Tights: I could have worn black but that seemed boring and too safe. I also didn't want to be all monochromatic so that the gray turtleneck stood out more than the sequin tank. Purple it was than. Not only is purple a go to color for me. It just yells FUN.

Short Boots: The boots were the last element. I think this is where the new hair cut really changed things up for me. Since now feel more chic and rock 'n roll the short boots became the choice over my taller boots. Again, the taller boots seemed a no brainer where the short boots are unexpected.
Discovery: I seem to be moving towards unexpected now. Or maybe it is just that all of this blogging, reading blogs, reading more fashion articles, and browsing pictures of fashion have begun to influence me in ways I didn't expect.

I think though, it is both.
New Hair + Blogging= Better Style Choices

Who:Sequin Tank: George (Walmart, Clearance Last Spring, $3)
Turtleneck: Merona (Target, Fall 2010, $7)
Skirt: DKNY (Marshall's, 2011, $10)
Tights: Merona (Target, 2010, $3)
Boots: Liz Claiborne (TJ Maxx, 2006, $29)
Necklace: Lucy and Laurel (TJ Maxx, 2009, $40)
Earrings: Gift