Monday, March 7, 2011

Ready To Spring

I cannot wait for the twittering of birds and the blooming tulips to peak their little head's through the soil. The weather was teasing me on Saturday with, albeit wet, spring like rain washing away all of the snirt (snow+dirt). This added to the many postings about spring style and the emails I received talking about the spring trend report had me wanting to pull out my spring wardrobe basics and get the bunny hopping started.

Trends come and go, so my philosophy is that I purchase what I like and what  is figure flattering for me. It looks like that philosophy is paying off and saving me time and money in the end. Here are a few things that are slated to be trendy this spring which are already hanging in my closet:

image enlargement
Chico's Sweet Python Preena Top

Peasant Style Blouses: I have several in my closet from the last two years. They can be tricky to wear since they can bulk you up and not in a good way, so when I find one that fits really well I tend to buy it. I really like how this particular top from Chico's is still airy but also sits close to the body so there isn't any extra bulk to it. I also love how it combines another trend to spring, python print, into the shirt as well. Michael Kohr's also has a terrific version using animal print.
Urban Outfitters: Fletcher by Lyell Inset Lace Blouse
Lace: Okay, I have to admit that I don't LOVE this trend. I think that unless you are really careful, as in the above example, you can end up looking a little bit trashy instead of on trend. I do love this top though and am in love with the way the lace is definitely a focal point but that it isn't all in your face about it. I will also say that I do have a couple of items in my closet that have lace as an accent to them and I am very delirious with happiness that I get to wear them this spring with pride.

Eileen Fisher Airy Knit West: Nordstrom
Airy Knits: I have several airy knit items from the last two years. I love the structured yet flowing look of them. My style tends to blend the BoHo look with a Rocker edginess. So the flowing of the knit can add a softness to some of my looks.

H&M Striped blazer
H&M Striped Blazer

Stripes: Avast ye go there me hardies..ahem. What I mean to say is that stripes and nautical inspired clothing is on trend for spring. I never have worn a lot of striped items thinking that they would make me appear wider then I am but I have found that it really depends on the size of the stripe and the width of the stripe. A more narrow stripe can actually make your appear more narrow. I found a lovely Breton striped top at H&M in January of this year and if you follow my blog on a regular basis you know that I wear it A LOT. I also recently purchased a nautical inspired jacket from Modcloth.

Image 1 of Diesel Denim Playsuit
Diesel Denim: ASOS.com
Playsuits and Jumpsuits: I again am not a huge fan of this trend but I did purchase an fantastic playsuit last year at New York and Company that I wore a lot last summer. I also am really loving the style of this Diesel playsuit. I think playsuits can look ridiculous if you do not wear them proportional for your body type. Also, I do not think that they are a style that can be pulled off easily unless the fit is correct as stated above. Big and baggy is not helpful to anyone unless you are wanting to appear larger than you are. The same can be said for wearing them to tightly fit to your body. All things being said I will be pulling mine out again for this spring and even pairing it with tights and a sweater once the weather begins warming up.

Again, I will restate my philosophy, buy what you like and what looks good on you and save yourself time and money.  Happy Spring Everyone!