Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Mother

When: Thursday, March 10

Dear Mother Nature,

I am assuming, based on your current weather creation, that you must have a sense of humor. I mean what else can I come up with other than your cruel enjoyment of laughing at me as I stand, yet again, on my porch to take pictures, because you have yet again sent rain and then changed your mind and drop the temperature to make it snow. Mother Nature I know that you have many different climate zones to deal with but could you please stop trying to improve your stand up comedy routine and guide us to spring. This constant taunting isn't kosher with trying to wear spring looks when the daily high is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Just a thought. I really hope your are listening!


Sweater: Merona (Target, Clearance, $5, 2011)
Skirt: Marshall's ($15, 2011)
Boots: Mossimo (Target, $25)
Scarf: Walmart ($5, 2010)
Belt: Modcloth ($15, 2011)