Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunlight Spotlight

When: Friday, March 11th

On Wednesday I post a few questions that Jessica, of What I Wore, asked of bloggers everywhere. The gist of the post had to do with do you post pictures of yourself even if you don't love the way the picture makes you look. I answered by saying that, in order to stay true to myself, I post pictures regardless. Well, wouldn't you know that I would have to be tested in this philosophy. I really love this outfit and I have worn the tunic sweater in a lot of different ways this winter. Of course this was before I was taking pictures of myself all of the time. I also know that I have dropped another size since the fall so my midsection shouldn't be looking as rolling as it does. Anyway, I am just going to accept it for what it is and make sure to stand a little taller and suck in a little more next time My mom insists I am to hard on myself and I should be a little kinder, but I don't think I am being critical just realistic based on how the pictures look. Even supermodels have to do a little sucking in at times and turning a specific way to make sure that the angle works for making them appear their sveltest.


Tunic: Xhiliration (Target, Fall 2010, $15)
Long Sleeve Shirt: Merona (Target, Fall 2010, $7)
Jeggings: New York & CO (Spring 2010, $10 Clearance)
Boots: SOHO (DSW, 2009, Clearance $50)
Scarf: New York & CO (Fall 2009, $10)