Monday, February 28, 2011

Squinty Long Shadows

30 for 30: Remix
Outfit: 26
Monday, February 28

I have to apologize for the squinty eyes. In my rush to take the pictures while standing on the side of the road I didn't realize that 1) I barely was smiling in any of the shots and 2) that I was squinting at the setting sun the whole time. I am still transitioning to the fact that I am back home and not in NYC. The total number of days that I was gone only added up to me missing two work days last week, but going back to work on Friday had me feeling like it was Monday. Today was Monday, which made me think it was Thursday. I am not sure why my brain is so scrambled but hopefully, by next week, I will be back on track. I missed taking outfit pictures so I am at least back on track with that. Have a wonderful weekend, er I mean week!