Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little Jolly, Pumpkin Please

30 for 30 Remix
Outfit: Can't Count This One:(
Saturday, February 26

Where:My name is Julie and I admit that I cheated on my 30 for 30 Remix.

Why, you ask, did I cheat?

Here is my confession:
    I was going out to dinner with one of my very dear couple friends and my fabulous hubby to The Jolly Pumpkin. I know that I should not have cheated on the remix but I NEVER go out with my husband. I am serious when I say NEVER go out. I live vicariously through all of the lovely bloggers who post "date night" post because to tell you the truth we hadn't been out for an evening, on our own sans kids, since G's birthday in April a year ago and the irony is that we went to The Jolly Pumpkin that evening as well.
    Anyway, I wanted to wear something with a little curve appeal and this little number from ASOS did the trick very nicely. I have been really taking a leap lately with the colored tights and now, I am finding that, I will use any excuse to wear them over the safety of black tights any day. The turtleneck and boots are both remix items so I did stick to two of my items. I never thought of wearing this summer dress with a turtleneck before and it made me decide that the conservative and covered-up nature of the turtleneck diffused some of the sexiness of the dress so that I could get away with wearing it to a restaurant that caters to a more jeans atmosphere and not feel overdressed.
    The evening ended up being quite festive and a memory maker so in all I was very pleased that I chose to wear something special even though I broke a rule. So, with all of my fashionista heart and soul, I ask you for your forgiveness and promise that next remix I will chose one item that could be called up for a date night look, since I failed to include one this time.