Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mangiare! Eat!

Let's EAT! 
Stereotype: Going to have to pay A LOT more for food while I was visiting NYC and the portion sizes would be small.
Reality: Cheaper for somethings and normal prices like at home for the rest. Portion sizes were MASSIVE for the cost.

Location: W 120th and Amsterdam(Across the street from the Columbia College Teacher's Bookstore)
Cost: For a large coffee, 3 cheese sticks, a deli container of dried fruit, almonds, and yogurt covered nuts and fruit, and a pre-made sandwich= $12

This little gem has the BEST coffee and prices on deli packaged foods. I had their amazing beet salad, mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad. As well as an eggplant, mozzarella, and greens wrap. I stopped here every morning to pick up some snacks for the morning and a coffee. I have to say that it was a sad morning on Thursday when I ordered my last coffee from them for the week. It is going to be painful now to drink Tim Horton's after ordering coffee all week from Appletree. I will definitely be coming back to this location when I return to the city.

Manhattan Diner
Location: On the corner of W77th and Broadway
Ruby Ruben with fries $10.95
I had read before we left that this was the recommend place the eat if you were staying at On The Ave. When we arrived it was again suggested as a place to grab a quick bite to eat. Being the occasional cynic that I am, I thought that the hotel must be getting a kick back from the restaurant, so we didn't go to eat there right away. As complete exhaustion hit me on Tuesday night after class I didn't even want to eat anything but my mom really wanted to get something to eat so off we went to Manhattan Diner. I was SHOCKED by how reasonable the prices were and here is a picture of the amazing "Ruby Ruben" sandwich I ordered. It was so massive that I ate half and then took the other half to class with me the next day. The cheese was literally dripping off the sandwich when I picked it up to eat it! AMAZING! I am a Ruben sandwich connoisseur and this one makes the list as a definite memory maker.

Sub Conscious
Location: Amsterdam near W120th street
Cost: For a large lobster and crab bisque soup, a generous sized slice of carrot cake, and a starbuck's iced coffee it was $9

When I read the sign for Sub Conscious I immediately deleted it off of the list of possible places to eat because the word "Sub" made me think of Subway. Which, don't get wrong, I do eat at subway but in my quest to eat amazing food that makes me want to dance in my seat Subway isn't what I was thinking about. So how did I end up eating at Sub Conscious? A wonderful lady, that I met at the conference, named Jan explained that she had eaten there when she was in the NYC at Columbia before and that it was really terrific so off we went. Oh, was she right! In Ann Arbor there is a deli called Zingerman's it is AMAZING and Sub Conscious really remind me of our favorite deli back home. The line for lunch was around the block which automatically told me that it was a great place for lunch. I just wanted soup since I had been snacking all morning on Appletree Market yummies. I chose to eat the lobster and crab bisque and a slice of carrot cake. Both were amazing! I LOVE carrot cake and am really picky about my cake and I was not to be disappointed. Another home run for delicious decadence at a reasonable cost!

La Vela Ristorante
373 Amsterdam Avenue
$23 for pasta and a side salad

My mom's suitcase was sent to Mexico City, Mexico instead of with us on the plane to Newark so Continental decided to give her $75 to replace things that she needed for the night. I am not sure what they thought she would be able to purchase to replace a suitcase full of clothes when they were responsible for sending the suitcase to another country but anyway we headed off to a drug store to purchase a few things. On the way we passed an adorable restaurant with white Christmas lights in the windows and checkered table cloths. It is was an Italian restaurant and I don't usually eat a lot of carbs but the vibe of the restaurant was to enchanting to ignore, so pasta it was. When we entered the restaurant there was a violinist and a piano player playing music. Candles were lite on the tables and the wait staff was very accommodating and kind. The pasta was amazing I should add. They offered fresh pasta dishes and it was well worth the carb count for the amazing meal we had.

60 3rd Avenue
Three Course Meal $35

Apiary was hands down the trendiest meal that we ate all week thanks to my friend Ruth who lives and works in NYC. We met up with her for dinner and she took us to this quaint yet very NYC eatery. They offer this lovely deal where you can create a Prix Fixe meal which includes an appetizer, main course, and a dessert. I chose the kale and white bean soup for my appetizer which was amazing and reminded me of a wonderful white bean and greenies dish G makes for us in the winter. For my main course I chose the Atlantic Merluza which tasted very much like lobster. It was far more amazing then the description the waitress gave me when she said it was similar to cod. Finally, the piece de la resistance was the desert which was the vanilla panna cotta. Devine is the only word that I can use to describe this wonderful pudding-esque dessert. The evening was capped off with amazing conversation and an atmosphere that I can only describe as Very NYC! Loved it and was really impressed with the price. The portions where more than adequate as well as beautiful. I included a picture of my Vanilla Panna Cotta...beautiful!