Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belt Attack!

 30 for 30 Remix
 Outfit: 20 When: Wednesday, February 16th

 HUGE SURPRISE TODAY...it was 51 degrees when I left my ASIST training! I couldn't wait to finally take some pictures with a background other then may stairway or a chair.Picture location is courtesy of my In-Law's amazing side yard. I am super excited to have the oppurtunity to take many more pictures using their yard as a back drop.
 The ASIST training ended up being much more intense than I thought that it would be. Maybe, I was naive going into it, but I was drained by the time I left so the warmer weather was a welcome surprise.
I am sure that some of you are wondering "Why is J wearing two belts?" That is a terrific question and the answer is simple...I wanted them both. Yep, I told you it was simple. I wanted to cinch the waist of my jacket since it was a bit boxy and I needed to the other belt to hold up the jeans. Not a lovely worded sentence but necessity out weighed style so to speak. Most of the day you couldn't see the belt under the coat but it was warm so I decided to try something new and actually really move around instead of pretending to move around. I really like these shots. I think I am getting better at this picture taking thing! Yeah me!

Did you notice the hair? Huh, did you ,did you? Yep, that is correct darlings! I restyled it today. Nope, not cut, just blew it dry in a different direction and Voila...new look. I like it. I think it will stay for awhile:)

Shirt: Mossimo (Target, $10, Fall 2010)
Coat: Jones New York (Goodwill, $5)
Jeans: Seven7 (Marshall's, $30, Winter 2011)
Belt (Coat): Marshall's ($7, Winter 2010)
Belt (Jeans): ? (Thrifted, Salvation Army,$?, 2000)
Boots (In the snow): Liz Claiborne (TJ Maxx)