Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love A Little Late Never Hurts

Heart People Courtesy of O and A. They were so proud I was using them for a prop:)

30 for 30 Remix
Outfit: 16
When: Monday, February 14th

So this outfit is a little late since it is Wednesday night and Valentine's Day was on Monday, but better late than never.

It has been the usual crazy week and with being out of school today and tomorrow for a prevention training for ASIST and then taking off to New York City for a Reading Workshop training next week I have had to come up with a lot of lesson plans to keep my kids busy and focused while I am gone.

I have also been having quite a few..."You don't know me until you know this" ..... moments this week. I am ready for a bit of a break from any and all forms of drama that is except for the type that is scripted and I can enjoy mindlessly on television while I watch characters deal with it, then I find it mildly entertaining.

Shirt: Moda (Victoria's Secret, $29, Fall 2010)
Cardigan: Anne Klein (TJ Maxx, $50, Spring 2010)
Skirt: DKNY (Marshall's, $10, Winter 2011)
Boots: Mossimo (Target, $30, 2006)
Tights: Target ($5)
Belt: TJ Maxx ($10, Spring 2010)

P.S. O and A like to help with taking the pictures of the outfits for me if G isn't able to. I thought you might like to see how O chooses to entertain himself now that he figured out the timer pauses when I use a tripod to take the outfit pics:)