Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Lesson Learned...

30 for 30 Remix
Outfit: 22
Saturday, February 19

Well, I have had a couple of intense days. Wednesday and Thursday I was at ASIST training for suicide prevention which, as you can imagine, was incredibly emotional. Then on Thursday, I also found out that my little blog has some haters. Haters, I guess are inevitable since this is posted on the world wide web, but when the haters are individuals who you have the potential of actually knowing and working with it makes it hurt a whole lot more. Anyway, luckily damage control was taken and now the only issues are my own hurt feelings. After some pity party thinking and support from those who care I decided to continue along with this project because...IT MAKES ME HAPPY! So down with haters and on with style.

As I progress my way through the 30 for 30, I have actually decided to get rid of a few things that I had picked to remix. Both are shirts that I have been hanging onto since I lost 25 pounds over the last year and just couldn't let go of, since I really like both of them. I did consider altering them but it would be difficult with the cut of both of the shirts so off to a new home they go. I love thrifting so I like it when I decide to send an item onto a new home. It almost feels like I am giving it away as a gift to someone who will give it a better home than me.

I am missing my other clothes in my closet but 10 more outfits and I will be back to wearing them as well. I was really excited to see that Lucky magazine has an article in this months issue about remixing items for 90 days. They also categorize the outfits so you can see how to remix them for different occasions. I am going to create a post with a few samples from this article. Look for that to be posted very soon!

Lots of love to all non-haters,


Who:Shirt: H&M ($7, Winter 2011)
Turtleneck: H&M ($25, 2006)
Jeggings: NY&Co ($7, Spring 2010)
Belt: Target ($10)
Boots: Route 66 (Kmart, $20, Fall 2010)
Headband: Target ($7, Fall 2010)