Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Bodies Here or GFC

Yep, no bodies here.
Just a wall of plastic with nothing behind
it not even dry wall. A new purpose for it though,
a blank mat for taking pictures. I do realize that
it looks like we might just be in the Mob but
really we are way to boring for that. Although
a few drinks and well, I might just be known
to quote a few famous lines from certain
Al Pacino movie:
"Let me introduce you to my little friend!"

Truth, this is what we have had to look at 
everyday since JULY when we had the 
wall torn down for the roof leaking that
I have mentioned a number of times.

Yep, still leaking:(
We are working on it though.
Like calling the Better Business Bureau of Michigan.

Now that is an amazing agency. 
The quick turn around is, well, quick.

All I want for Christmas is to have my bedroom back.
but oh, so very true.

I have been trying to decide how I feel about 
Google's announcement that they are eliminating
Google Friend Contact in March.
Didn't know that?
Yep, it's happening.
( For all blogs not hosted on blogger/blogspot)

I deleted GFC at the end of the summer
from my sidebar. The main reason was 
because I was spending far to much time 
fretting about my follower numbers and 
missing the point of why I wanted to blog
to begin with. With this being the case I
don't really care about the change, but I
don't want to lose my readers or to lose
the blogs I follow through GFC.
I have noticed a number of blogs announcing
Facebook pages to like and Bloglovin' to sign
up for ( I do have a link for this)
to continue to have access to posts.

I set up a Facebook page when I started OAGJ
but never actually published the page. I cannot
decide what to do about it now either.
The jury 
is still out. 

I can tell you what I have started to do,
for fear of losing my favorite
bloggers, I have
been adding RSS feeds to the left side bar.
I want to pass on the beauty of my blogroll
to all of my lovely readers. These ladies 
are fantastic and more will be added as 
I continue to link up the feeds.

 check out the lovelies to the left for some 
fabulous reading and prepare to meet some brand
new fabulous friends:)

Sweater: NY&Co (Really Old!); White Shirt: Vanity;

Skirt: Thrifted, Goodwill; Boots and Tights: Target;

Bracelet: F21, JCPenny (2); Necklace: Banana Republic Outlet