Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Lot Of...



Filene's Basement:

Jessica Simpson=Gold python heels
Steven Madden Luxe: Black Glitter Bow Heels
(Even if I NEVER wear the black glitter heels I will NEVER regret buying them.

Ecstasy is the only word to describe how I feel when I have them on my feet!)


My sister is smoking hot to begin with but this dress..
oh, this dress...
well, you can see for yourself!
(It was left in the cab on the way to the airport, but thanks to a fantastic cabbie
returned before our flight took off. There are good people in the world still!
Thanks Jordan Taxi Company!)

Laurie couldn't justify buying it for herself, so I stepped in
and purchased it for her as a present from O and A for Christmas
and her birthday. 

There was NO WAY I was letting her
leave Chicago without this dress!________________________________________________

Fake Fur, Bling, 
(and MORE Sequin)!

Here is what I packed for our fabulous weekend.
I didn't really realize how much fake fur, bling, and sequin I
packed until I unloaded the contents of the case.

Yep, I certainly love my luxe and glitter.
(Oh, Laurie had just as much as I did so don't be surprised to see a trend 
throughout the pictures I post this week! 
Great minded sister's think alike!)


I posted pics of my traveling outfit on Monday, but hadn't included
Laurie's picture. She hated loved me taking pics of her constantly
throughout the weekend. 
(Pay attention to a trend, though, as the weekend wears on. 
Sissy, I always knew you could model)
I couldn't resist though. 
She is SO super stylish 
a fashion inspiration to me.

She wore that fantastic hat for most of the weekend 
and everywhere we went people were commenting on it.
Hats are such a super chic accessory to add to an outfit.
Why don't I ever think to wear them more?



I was a super lame sister on Friday and wanted to go to
bed since we had been up since 4am. Laurie was an
understanding sister and agreed to stay in. We wanted
to relax with a bottle of wine. Laurie suggested that
we hit up Walgreen's on Michigan Ave. but I wasn't 
convinced that they would have wine so off to an
overpriced wine store we went.

Longish story short...
listen to your sister and head to Walgreen's~

We paid WAY to much for wine that was very undrinkable.

The exception, which was why there is a picture, was a little 

Fat Monk.
Delicious and only a slightly overpriced $12