Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion Challenge: Men's Wear and Lizard

This or That Challenge

Men's wear and I have a love hate relationship.
I used to love to hate it.
Now I just love it in moderation.
My favorite men's wear piece is a terrific vest.

I purchased this vest at the Goodwill last Spring
and have worn it countless different ways since then.
I love how it hugs my curves to give me a more defined 
waist than I actually naturally own. 

I paired it with a pinstripe wool pant and threw my
heart cardigan over the outfit to lighten the men's
wear feel of the vest with the pants. I decided, after
seeing these pictures, that I like it just as well without
the cardigan. 

Lizard embossed buckled high heel Mary Jane's and
my locket finished out the look. I did ad a tiny charm
of myself as a baby to my locket. Ava was shocked to
find out that the baby in the picture was actually me.
She just kept staring and me like I was crazy and repeated:

"You were a baby, Mama? A real baby? Well who held you
than when you were a baby?"

I guess we all can remember a time when we realized
that our parents hadn't always been a grown up their
whole life.

Me: " Yes, Ava, Mama used to be a baby. Grandma Andrea used
to hold me when I was a baby."

Ava: " WHAT! Grandma Andrea isn't just my Grandma!?"

Oh, Ava, you do keep me laughing:)

Cardigan: H&M; Pants: Target, Clearance; Vest: Goodwill; 
Shirt: BCBG, TJMaxx; Heels: Kmart, Clearance; Locket: Savers