Thursday, October 27, 2011

Belt, A Peel and Cut

As you all already know, or maybe you don't,

 I LOVE pockets.

I almost returned my lovely $5 clearance jumper because fit
 like a huge sack of potatoes but the pockets saved it.
Now, with a belt it is the perfect fall lovely!

I also love randomly spotted perfect photo locations.
I pass this baseball field all the time. 

but just stopped
randomly on the way to get my hair cut on Tuesday.
(I was motivated after looking at Nora's lovely pics!)

Yep, my pixie is back!

I spiked a 102 degree fever Tuesday night
so there won't be any pictures until Friday.
I am chilling (and shivering) on the couch.

Leggings: Kohl's; Boots: DSW; Shirt: BCBG, TJMaxx; Jumper: Walmart, Clearance;
Earrings: Lia Sophia; Bracelet: Thrifted and NY&Co, Clearance