Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Didn't Wear On The First Day of School

I am a major planner.
I love organizing and list making.
So it shouldn't be a surprise that I determined
what I wanted to wear on
the first day of school
at the beginning of August.

I even determined that I would
"test drive" my outfit
by wearing it to
church on Sunday.
There is nothing worse than uncomfortable
shoes or dress, when you
are working with kids all day.

The dress was super comfortable
and the shoes were terrific.
It was even the perfect temperature outside.
A lovely 78 degrees.
I felt unstoppable and that is always a
terrific reason to wear an outfit
no matter what day it is.

that was Sunday
and today is Tuesday
and it was only 56 degrees this morning.
like any great planner
I had a plan B all ready to go.

And that is what I wore today on the first day of school.
Go Hornets!

Dress: My Sister's, Shoes: Jones New York, Thrifted, Goodwill, Purse: Vintage, Gift
Bracelet and Earrings: Gift
Total Outfit Cost: $2
(The cost of the shoes)