Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Picnik Review and Topshop Remix

I decided to play around with Picnik.com and I have to say I am impressed.
I usually just edit my pictures using Microsoft editing but it is really limited.

Here is what the photo above looked like just using Microsoft:

There is a big difference with Picnik and it didn't take me any longer to edit.
I really like the quality of the images a lot more so I may even
upgrade my free account to using the premium one.
I am VERY shiny, especially in the summer, and Picnik has a shine erase feature.
I would take a lot of advantage of that one:)
Airbrushing is available to but I am only interested in playing around with it.
Since I taught a class on media manipulation I am curious to see how
much a picture can be altered using airbrushing.
If I decide to upgrade I am going to include a post to show before and after
images with airbrushing. I know that I have a few young ladies
who read OAGJ and I would love for them to understand what the media does to pictures.

These are the same shorts from this post last week.
I wanted to wear a really relaxed look on Sunday to dinner at my In Law's.
The chambray shirt is the same one that I mentioned here and here.
I cannot believe that I took so long finding one since it is now a staple in my closet.
It is a little sloppy since I just randomly tucked just part of the shirt in.
I ended up just letting it be untucked for the rest of the evening
and I liked the way it looked a lot more than I like this look.
Perhaps another time.




Shirt, Heels: Thrifted
Shorts: Topshop, Clearance Sale Online
Earrings: Lia Sophia