Friday, August 5, 2011

OG That's Good!

When: Thursday, August 4

My lovely brother-in-law, David, landed his dream job on
Thursday so off we went for
a few beers and a fabulous sandwich 
at the local micro-brewery, Original Gravity (OG for short).

I have been crafting like crazy and wanted to put these
little beauties together for the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge.
The only problem is that I didn't have all of them finished in time so
I decided to give myself a break and  finish them on my own schedule.
They debuted with stellar raves at dinner.

As you know, from this post, I don't like yellow!
So why is it that I have shown up here and now here in yellow?
I don't have an answer, other than the fact that it
seems the fashion gods want me to wear some yellow.
They keep throwing yellow in my clearance path and I keep biting.
I suppose that gold is yellow but all things gold glitter
so I do not think it counts if it is glitterly!





Shirt: Walmart, Clearance $5
Shorts & Necklace: TJ Maxx
Sandals: Marshall's
Bracelets: DIY Me:)
Belt: Vintage, Thrifted