Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY: All Chained Up

It's another DIY project!
I have been creating like crazy the last few days.
I have wanted to try making a unique chain necklace
so on Tuesday I just went ahead and did just that.

I really like the necklaces that you can add little extras onto and change the look.
I took apart the necklace from this post and decided to use the charms in a different way.

I first started with four different types of chain purchased at Walmart and Jo-Ann Fabrics.
 Cost of all the chain was: $ 8
However, you will not use all of the chain so really the cost is more like $5
Total cost of the star charm: $ 3

Total Cost: $8!!!

Then just laid the chain out and started playing around with it.
It is easier to actually place it on yourself and arrange it so that you can see how it lays.
Some of the chain was heavier then others so that also helped me decide where to place it.
Really though it is just fun to play with the textures, colors, and size of the links.
I used pieces of the chain link to connect them together.
Attaching one chain type at a time.
I had to rearrange them a couple of times for it to have the desired appearance.
I then added a jump ring to connect the four chains together
and then added the star charm.
I am going to change things up and add other brooches and pins in the fall and winter.
The styling options are the best part of creating your own jewelry.
Go ahead, try it!