Friday, August 12, 2011

Michigan's State Bird Isn't Always The Robin

When: Thursday, August 11

I couldn't decide whether or not to keep these shorts.
I cannot stand high waisted pieces and these are definitely high waisted.
The quality of the shorts were topnotch however, and that was what convinced me to keep them.
I also love the quirky floral pattern of them.
When I FINALLY get my sewing machine I would buy this fabric.

Once I decided to keep them I had a difficult time figuring out how to style them.
I still don't think I hit one out of the park so to speak with this combo.
I need to head back to the closet and figure out another inspiration
 but I am happy with how this worked itself out in the end.

The sun was blinding on this shoot.
All of my pictures were over exposed.
Even worse were the mosquitoes that were eating me alive.
Michigan is known for it's other "State Bird" but this August has been the worst!
I have determined, in hindsight, that taking pictures near cattails is a big NO NO
if your are wanting to avoid bites.
I only was looking at the lovely green and brown contrast and not the fact that they grown
in stagnant water. OOPS!
Several evil bites later this is what I came up with.
Lesson: Avoid direct sunlight and stagnant water.
Hmmm, I think I sound like I am partial vampire or maybe it is just 
all the Sookie Stackhouse I have been ingesting lately;)



Shirt (Blue, Worn Under): Ross
Shirt (Lace), Sandals, Vest: Goodwill, Thrifted
Shorts: Topshop
Necklace: Lily Allen, Asos