Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY: A Lot of Links

Here is my latest creation~

All of the materials are from Walmart and Joann Fabrics.

For the longer necklace:(It is doubled up in the pictures)

I simply attached the turquoise and silver chain to the gold chain.
The gold chain could be separated and used as jump rings so
I attached the turquoise and silver chain to it.
Then I wrapped the two chains around each other and secured them together.

The shorter necklace:

I braided the gold, silver, and copper chains together
and secured them using the links of the thicker chain.
All of the chain links were able to be used as jump rings so it was
super easy to work with them.
I had the extra links of larger chain left from another project so
I secured them to make an interior half circle inside the necklace.
I then added the octopus locket, white carving, and topped it off with a crystal.


~In less than 20 minutes I had two lovely and unique necklaces!~