Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vacation Post: Bare Foot, Fancy Free

When: Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day!)

93 degrees felt fantastic on Monday, May 30!

I was so excited that steamy weather had finally arrived. I threw this dress on to go and visit my mom and grandma in the afternoon. There is something really fantastic about throwing a dress on and just leaving the house. I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to figure that out. This dress has been hanging in my closet since 1999 and has only seen the light of day a couple of times. I am so glad that batik prints are still in style. I loved just running outside barefoot to take these shots as well.

Summer how I do love you!

I can already tell that I am going to be a bit lazy this summer with posting since I was mainly in a swimsuit all day at the pool with Otto and Ava. The water was a chilly 70 degrees but they didn't mind. I dipped my toes in the water, at one point, to cool off and they went immediately numb. I wish I still had all that carefree endurance to splash my heart away like I did when I was little. Oh, well, Mama gets to lay in the sun soaking up the rays watching a new generation frolic and play.





Dress: Victoria Secret (1999)