Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank You So Much!

A special thank you to Keely, Megan Mae, Tiffany, and Whitney
for passing along this lovely award to me.
I was super excited for the honor.
Seven Random Facts:
1) I would have been a tomboy when I was younger if my mother would have allowed it.

2) I was labeled a B#$@h in school because I never really smiled. 

Kids and teachers thought I was stuck up. 
In reality I was REALLY painfully shy.

3) I collect magnets from the places I visit. 

My fridge looks really cool as well as crowded;)

4) I hate cooking!!! There is NO love in my food.

5) I hate clutter.

6) I am terrific at organizing, but I don't always follow through on keeping it that way.

7) I spend way to much time on the computer, although I don't think that is a big shocker.
Answer the following questions:
a. Your favorite song
Al Green: Let's Stay Together

b. Your favorite dessert
Chocolate Caramel Walnut Brownies

c. What is pissing you off?
Nothing at the moment.

d. When you are upset, you:
Cry, WOW is it irritating when that happens

e. Your favorite pet
My rabbit, Dutch from childhood
Freckles, Our family dog from childhood
My son, Otto's, Betta fish Candace
Our New Little Family Love, Sweetheart the Guinea Pig

f. Black or White
g. Biggest fear
Losing my ability to think for myself

h. Best feature
My smile

i. Everyday Attitude
A Little Intense or Laid Back
Depends on the day and situation;)

j. What is perfection?
A wonderful meal and wine with my family and/or friends

k. Guilty pleasure
Online shopping, Trashy TV