Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation Post: Baptised In Goodwill

When: Sunday, June 12

I had everything planned out for Sunday, June 12: Get up, attend church, drop O and A off for a nap at grandma and papa's, wrap the b-day gift for my oldest niece, wrap the baptism gift for my infant niece, load the chairs for the party, and head back to church to witness my infant niece's baptism as her Godmother.

Well...some of that was able to be accomplished in some what of an organized manner. As usual I have the best of intentions, but something throws off my momentum.

In this case it was an almost five year old boy who decided to act like he was 2 instead of almost 5. Even better was that while he was throwing his fit and practically yelling in church that he had to "pee" I was sitting next, unbeknown st to me at the time, a current student and her parents! UGH! If that wasn't enough Oman was sitting right next to my student's mom who I haven't ever met.

Thanks Otto, I really appreciate the highlighting of my motherly moments of cringe.

The plus of the day, other than my children taking their naps and excising their "nasty twin", my outfit only cost $27! Most of the $27 was made up of the cost of my heeled sandals ($23). The rest was purchased at the Goodwill. So, I spent my adorable nieces' party (2nd b-day and infant baptism) mentally celebrating my terrific purchases:) BONUS: My navy tank dress is 1980's vintage Limited, which I purchased for $1~




Who:Dress: Vintage Limited (Goodwill, $1, 2011)
Bolero: Levi (Goodwill, $3, 2011)
Sandals: (Marshall's, Clearance, 2011)
Necklace: Gift From My Little Niece