Wednesday, June 1, 2011


When: Saturday, May 28 and Wednesday, June 1

I went out to a party on Friday, May 27 and still made it up to be ready to meet my husband's family for breakfast. I was a little tired but proud of myself for rocking out this look in 20 minutes flat. That included showering. I have to say that short hair is the best!

To make things even better we had a wonderful breakfast and my children were behaved the entire meal. With amazing mom intuition of chaos about to ensue, I scooted them out of the restaurant just in time for them to have a melt down in the car not at the table. Yeah me!

I feel like this should be called: "Smell My Armpit", but I liked the image so it was posted along with the rest:) I don't think I can ever take myself to seriously. Life is to short for that:)

Than, across the street from the parking lot, I noticed this amazing graffiti art on the wall of an old building. I really liked the look of it and thought that it might look amazing next to my outfit. I was, luckily, correct and took only ten shots to end up with the perfect pictures for this post.

I have to say that this is my favorite shoot to date.
I adore the rock' n' roll vibe of my outfit in combination with the art on the wall.




Tube Top: Active Wear (TJ Maxx. 2010)
Vest:  Absolutely (TJ Maxx, Clearance, 2010)
Skirt: Felicia B (Goodwill, $1.50, 2011)
Shoes: Dana Buchman (Kohl's, Clearance, 2010)
Belt: Modcloth (2011)