Monday, May 2, 2011

Rockin' Out A Cardigan

When: Thursday, April 28
Cardigans used to be a main stay of my wardrobe but I have been avoiding wearing them lately. The main reason for the avoidance is that I haven't been able to figure out how to style them without them looking super preppy. I don't consider myself to be preppy and my style doesn't generally reflect it. I not sure why I think cardigans are so preppy, maybe I have been watching to many Gossip Girl episodes.

With the 'birth' of this little blog I have found, of late, that I am willing to take more risks with my wardrobe. The sink or swim motto seems to be my philosophy. If an outfit flops then at least I attempted something creative and unique from my pre-blogging looks. Hence, the styling for this outfit.

I saw a picture of Kate Moss in leather pants in Paris a couple weeks ago. I have always thought of leather as a winter wear item and have hung up my leather when Spring made it's debut each year. I figured that if Kate could wear leather in Spring then why not me. I didn't want my pants to feel wintery so I pulled out this tie dyed cardigan to add a spin of spring.

Leather reminds me of rock 'n' roll, so heels were added along with a chain bracelet and pendant. Under the cardigan is a balloon hemmed shirt to cover my bum and add an additional level of rock to the outfit. To lighten the look and keep me warm, I wore my white leather jacket. Voila! A rocking cardigan look that is definitely not preppy.




Cardigan: (Macy's, $10 Clearance, 2010)
Balloon Hem Shirt:  (TJ Maxx, 2009)
Pants: Mossimo (Target, Clearance, 2010)
Jacket: Baby Phat (Marshall's, Gift from my mom, 2011)
Heels: Mossimo (Target, 2006)
Bracelet:  (ASOS, 2010)
Pendant: Lily Allen (ASOS, 2010)