Thursday, May 5, 2011

Orange Poof Is Not Good

When: Tuesday, May 3
The 1990's saw me wearing lots of "grunge" styled clothing. The exception to all of my plaid flannel, dirty jeans, and layered t-shirts over thermals were these pair of pants. Yes, I have owned them since 1992 but haven't been able to really fit in them since 2000. They have been hanging in my closet and I have kept them always saying that one day I would fit back into them.

Well, I will have to be honest, I forgot about them. When I cleaned out my closet last summer and removed everything that was to big to wear anymore these pants were hidden in a drawer. So, fast forward to earlier this week, when I was looking for a pair of high waisted pants, and low and behold what should I find but these pants. I was very excited to put them on and see that they did indeed fit again so I happily styled them to wear on Tuesday.

I love the orange and paired them with an orange shirt. They have a subtle floral pattern to them that reminds me of the 1960's but it is difficult to see the pattern in the pictures I took. I didn't want to just wear all orange so I added my flowy cardigan and tied it around the back to make a wrap shirt. I added my citron flats and out the door I went.

I usually take a picture of myself in the outfit before I leave the house. I have found that if I do that then I can really tell whether or not I like what I am wearing, since the camera doesn't lie. Well, I didn't take a picture this morning so when I began looking at these pictures something became very clear...the 1990's had HORRIBLE cut pants.

I cannot believe I loved these pants so much! I guess when you pair them next to dirty jeans that are huge and a old flannel shirt they actually look good. I knew that I really loved skinny pants and now I know why. In these straight poofy legged pants I look really wide in the legs which I am not. I guess there is a reason why some trends need to die. No one should have to wear something that makes them look poofier then they are.




Shirt: Banana Republic (Outlet, 2009)
Sweater: Cable and Gauge (Marshall's, 2011)
Pants: Esprit (Outlet, 1994)
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless (2010)
Belt: H&M (Clearance, 2011)

P.S. I found this terrifc abandoned barn to take pictures by today. I was a little nervous though, since there were holes dug around the bottom where something must live. I find that I am attracted to run down buildings to take my pictures near. I think that they add a whole other element to the outfit I am wearing. I am always left  wondering if the building or object could tell a story about it's history what would it have to share?