Monday, May 23, 2011

Inspiration Monday: If Your Are Sitting In An Exit Row...

When: Thursday, May 19

I was on a preppy roll last week. It all started with Pretty Shiny Sparkly's Bloggers Do It Better Prep School challenge I was propelled on a mind set of wanting to work in a posh Prep School in New York. I also was really enjoying wearing a tie. I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate my husbands tie collection into my wardrobe, but couldn't figure out how to do it. With the challenge I had the perfect excuse to tie one on.

However, my look had unexpected results when my students thought I looked like a stewardess for Delta airlines. They were also very confused by my tie wearing two days in a row. They are used to my style switch ups, but the tie threw them for a loop. I had a couple of them ask if the tie was my "new thing". I had to be honest with them that I wasn't sure. I kind of like the tie. It just might be.

Then Two Bird's Inspiration Monday picture was of this lovely lady...

So my second day in a row of wearing a tie had a second purpose. I have to say that I love it when that happens:) I even had, coincidentally, worn heels with a red pattern. This was another huge bonus! I think if I were to wear another shirt and tie this week it might be overkill. I don't want to wear out the uniqueness of the tie trend.

What do you think of the hair color change? I wasn't really sure about it but I like the lighter red shade. My hair has red highlights naturally, but this sets them off more then if I just left them alone.

Happy Monday~!




Who:White Shirt: Eddie Bauer (Gift From In Laws)
Cardigan: (Goodwill, 2009)
Skirt: Merona (Target, Clearance $5, 2011)
Shoes: Madden Girl (Marshall's, $23, 2011)
Tie: Borrowed From My Husband