Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quick GO-GO-GO

When: Wednesday, April 20

Sunshine spotted...GO, GO, GO, (this is said like an instructor in jump school) quick to snap a picture. Crud the sun is gone. Yep, this was the conversation I was having on Wednesday evening as I was trying to get a shot of this outfit. The sun has not been out AT ALL this week and so when my mother-in-law pointed out that it looked like the clouds were parting I ran like the wind to go stand in it.

One shot, that is all I got. Oh, well, better luck tomorrow!

I was asked at work if I bought all of the top pieces to my outfit at the same time. I answered that I hadn't actually. To be honest, I opened my closet and just started picking shirts that were a black and white patterned print and layered them on. I started with a long sleeve shirt and then added a 3/4 length sleeve shirt, and then finally a short sleeved flowy cardigan. To keep everything where I wanted it to be I added the belt around the middle. Skinny black cargo pants and heels pulled the rest of the look together and I was out the door.

When asked how I decided to create this look all I could say was blogging. That's it...blogging. When I get dressed I think of the bloggers I read and that is enough to inspire my look for the day. I LOVE that it works that way.

Real women with real style, inspiring other women to have their own style. FABULOUS!




Long Sleeve Top: Merona (Target, Gift from my husband, 2010)
3/4 Length Sleeve Top: H&M ($10, 2011)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft (Clearance, $10, 2010)
Skinny Cargos: Mossimo (Target, $10, 2010)
Heels: Mossimo (Target, 2005)
Earrings: North Market Booth(Charleston, SC, 2010)