Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Few Pretty Peonies

When: Saturday, April 23 and Tuesday, April 26

When my husband compliments my outfit when he is sick out of his mind and can't really focus on anything for very long, then I know I must have hit a home run. I purchased the skirt about a month ago and really like it. I didn't really know, at the time what I would wear on the top but I figured for the price of the skirt and my ample closet that I would figure something out. Fast forward a few weeks later and I was thrifting again when I came across this lovely flowy top from Moda. I really like the shirt and was running through my closet in my mind when I remembered my floral skirt. Voila, an outfit is born.

I have been a bit obsessed with baskets as purses this season. I keep posting images to my tumblr account of lovely ladies with basket purses. This was my inspiration for grabbing up this metal basket and silk flowers from my garage and using it as a prop for my tribute to a bright and sunny Spring.




Who:Shirt: Moda International (Goodwill, $4, 2011)
Skirt: Sandra (Goodwill, $3, 2011)
Heels: Mossimo (Target, 2005)
Belt: TJ Maxx, 1999