Friday, April 15, 2011

Citron Is Right On

When: Thursday, April 14

What to do when you are waiting for something big to happen? That is what I have been thinking all week. My sister is due on Monday with my new little angel baby niece or nephew. All week we have been waiting for the baby to make her or his debut but nothing yet. You could cut the anticipation with a knife around here.

One of my ways to create distraction is to organize my closet. I started rotating my clothes for winter to spring. Honestly, though, I had to put some clothes away to fit in some of my new thrifted buys. I found this shirt stuffed between a couple of dresses. I than remembered that I had planned to wear it three weeks ago but kept chickening out. The shirt, which I love, is a really thin material and it hasn't been really very warm. Since the outfit was half way planned I added a clay colored skirt and citron shoes. I LOVE these shoes, but I have never worn them. I used to think that my whole outfit had to match down to the smallest detail. This meant everything matching that was the same shade. Gone are those days so out came my citron shoes and out the door I went.

Now if only my new little love would show up.....




Shirt: Mossimo (Goodwill)
Skirt: Banana Republic (Goodwill, 2009)
Shoes: Lela Rose (Payless, 2010)
Bracelets: Tiffany's (Gift from my sister)
                Thin Bangles (Gift from my sister)
                Thick (Ann Arbor Art Fair, MI)
                Thin Twist (No Idea, I have had it a very long time)