Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taking The Native Approach

When: Monday, March 14
H&M was a brilliant choice Saturday for immersing myself in all the freedom and glory of Spring style. I purchased a few little gems that I will be sporting in posts to come, but I also saved a bundle on a few winter items as well. The long cardigan coat I wore today was one of those fab finds. I love the native detail of the pattern. It makes me think of New Mexico and Arizona. Another terrific plus is that is amazingly warm for such a light knit. I can wear it without having to wear several layers under it. I was able to skip wearing a coat on Sunday when I made my trip to Target even though it was only 35 degrees out. That was a pleasurable experience since I am getting completely sick of having to bundle up all of the time. We travel to Ridgedale, MO every summer and I cannot wait to bring this little gem along for the trip. The resort we stay at is all about taking a native approach to their decor and my lovely sweater coat will fit right in on those sometimes chilly nights in the mountains.

Sweater Coat: H&M (Clearance $10, 2011)
Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Mossimo (Target, $7,, 2010)
Knit Pants: Mossimo (Target, $10, 2010)
Boots: Route 66 (Kmart, $20, 2010)
Belt: Steve Madden (Marshall's, $10, 2011)