Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Riding The Rails, Part II

When: Tuesday, March 29

I just can't get enough of my new found railroad location. I really wanted to jump up on the ladder on the side of this lone icon of days gone past, but I haven't managed to get my courage up yet. The whole car is a little rusty from sitting in this spot for so long and I really don't want to end up on my bum. Since this was the case I decided to focus on these cool old spools that had just been left to rot. They created the perfect accessory for my shoot today.

I love this bag. I saw a picture of Jane Birkin with a basket as a purse and I have been trying to figure out how to copy this idea without using an actual basket. Enter this little gem thrifted yesterday at the Goodwill. It needs a little TLC but it is so cute that it is worth it.

Combination of black and white patterns with the pops of red or another bright color are so modern and chic to me. It is one of my favorite ways to create an outfit with an impact. I really want a pair of spectator shoes, but I have spent so much money lately trying to replace clothes since, I have lost weight, that I looked to my closet and what did I find...a very close resemblance to the spectators that I wanted. It pays to shop your own closet.



Breton Shirt: H&M ($9, 2011)
Cardigan: Piper and Blue (Kmart, $10, 2009)
Pants: Merona (Thrifted, $7, 2011)
Coat: Merona (Target, $5 Clearance, 2011)
Shoes: Parade of Shoes ($25, 2004)
Necklace: Red Pendant (Gift From In Laws)
                Tiffany's Tag (Gift From My Sister)
                 Army Dog Tag (Fort Jackson, $10, 2010 at my brother's graduation from boot camp)
Belt: Modcloth ($20 Clearance, 2011)
Bag: Old Navy (Thrifted, $1.50, 2011)
Scarf: Ed Hardy (TJ Maxx, $10 Clearance, 2007)