Thursday, March 3, 2011

Plaid is Fab

30 for 30 Remix
Outfit: 28
Tuesday, March 1


Running a little behind on posting, especially since it is Thursday and this post should have gone up yesterday! ARGH! I feel like I am finally back in the swing of things from being gone, so the posting should be improving.

30 for 30 Remix:
I cannot believe that I am so close to the end of the 30 for 30 Remix and that I am sad in away that it is ending. I have learned a lot through this process and will be sharing all about that as the week comes to a close tomorrow. I decided to do another recap of ways that I have worn my H&M plaid tunic so look below for other looks. See the post for February where I recapped my Breton stripped shirt from the remix.

NYC Stereotypes:People in NYC would be rude and unhelpful.
Reality: Everyone couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. I found, as it is everywhere, that a smile goes a long way. So with that in mind I smiled away and said hello to everyone and guess what? They smiled and said hello back and that was that. 
The Outfit:I am loving the blue tights with the plaid. I didn't even realize that there was any blue in the tunic until I laid the tights next to the shirt to see how they would look together. My black DKNY skirt has these modern little zippered pockets on the front that added a nice detail to the look as well. I decided to tie the tunic ends and knot them instead of belting it like I usually do. I like how it turned out and it was a nice change of pace from all of the belts that I wear.

I have to say that I think that out of all of the looks with this tunic my favorite look has to be the look below from my February 3rd post about my snow day. Check out the tumblr feed archive at the top menu bar for more pictures from this unexpected but delightful day off.

Who:Tunic: H&M (2011, Winter Clearance, $7)
Turtleneck: Merona (Target, Fall 2010, $7)
Skirt: DKNY (Marshall's, 2011, Winter Clearance, $10)
Shoes: Payless (2010, $8)
Tights: Target (2011, $5)
Bracelets: Coach (Gift, 2010)

Remix Review of my H&M Plaid Tunic