Friday, March 4, 2011

Goodwill: Strikes Again

                   (Liberty of London Tunic and Blue Button Down Shirt were purchased at my local Goodwill store.)
30 for 30: Remix
Outfit: 29
When: Tuesday, March 3

The blue button down returns. I was really excited about this combination since that little shirt was throwing me for a loop, but here it is again under my Liberty of London tunic. One of the main things that I have learned, through starting my baby blog and taking pictures of my outfits, has been how much different an outfit can look on film as opposed to how it looks in the full length mirror. VERY different I can tell you! This particular outfit is an excellent example. When I looked at it in the mirror I didn't notice that the ruffles hit right at my hips. Not a pleasant spot to have ruffles sitting if you want to minimize your hips. I failed to notice that in the mirror that morning, although it was something that I thought about when I looked in the mirror. When I looked at the pictures it became instantly obvious. Now on the flip side if you have a "boyish" figure and want to accentuate your hips then the ruffles placed just so would benefit you.

Several people have emailed me about my little blog and how my choices in piecing together outfits has changed over the last month and this would have to be the tipping point for that change. The camera doesn't lie. End of story, but you can change how you piece together outfits to change the point of view!

Happy Friday everyone!



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