Monday, March 14, 2011

International Tour de La Target

Not To Bad For A First Try:
A special thank you to my son, Otto for being my camera guy! It is a little Blair Witch Project in parts but for a 4 yr old I think he did a great job. I have to say that I really enjoyed creating a video post instead of just a picture post so I may adding more video to OAGJ. I really liked the freedom it gave me to take an active role in my posting. I used Animoto which is a very cool resource for creating video. I use it all the time with my students. I realized, as I was watching, that I said "okay" and "and", a lot so please forgive me on that one. My voice is a little to quiet in the dressing room as I didn't want to draw a lot of attention from the other people who were trying on dresses. Next time I won't add music to the video since you can't hear me in parts but this was a learning experience for me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy getting to hear and see me in action!



Click The Link To Watch My Target Shopping Adventure

My Final GO International Dress Choice: Zac Posen!                                          

Zac Posen: Polka Dot Dress

I want to go back to purchase this Tucker floral print dress as well. I really liked how it looked paired with my mustard belt.

All Images: Target.com