Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love Ewe


When: Saturday, March 26

I have a new favorite baby! It is this adorable Counting Chic skirt from Modcloth. It just arrived at my door on Thursday and I couldn't say no to these fabulously sweet little ewes and lambs. They are a little shy though and like to camouflage themselves so that they look like polka dots from far away. It was only 27 degrees today so I had to keep my furry scarf on while taking the pictures. I was thrilled though by how the pictures turned out and I really do love this scarf so I was excited to add it to my look for the day. I hope that all of you are having a fantastic Saturday! Enjoy!



Shirt: Vanity ($20, 2006)
Skirt: Modcloth ($25, Clearance)
Coat: Kenneth Cole (Marshall's, $30 Clearance, 2011)
Scarf: H&M ($10, Clearance)
Tights: Merona (Target, $5)
Heels: Mossimo (Target, $30, 2005)