Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Gods Are Laughing?!

When: Friday, March 25

A Positive Start For The Day:
I am wearing red today to support our troops who are fighting for all of our freedom and liberty.  I was invited on Facebook to participate in this worthy show of support. No longer will there be a silent majority. It is time to show your support by wearing it proudly. I am forever grateful to the honor and courage of these men and women. My brother is one of them so it is a cause very close to my heart. Let them never be forgotten for the sacrifice they give for all of us everyday.
And Then The Clouds Began To Gather....I learned long ago that when things start to go wrong, think quick and have a good laugh. Here is why I am in this mind set today...

6:30 am
1) Remember that it was my turn to order the pizza Friday lunch for the staff members who share my lunch slot. This is REALLY bad since pizza Friday is the one day that everyone is all excited for and looks forward to lunch. Begin saying silent prayers that the pizza place is open at 10 so that I can order and have it delivered by 11.

6:45 am
2) I failed to notice that my to-go coffee mug was the one that has a crack in it from me washing it in the dishwasher. When I started shaking the mug, to mix the cream and splenda with the coffee, coffee went spraying all over my kitchen! I could have sworn on a stack of Bibles that I had thrown that cup out:(

7:25 am
3) I made 35 three page stapled copies today for my kids only to realize to late that the copier was not working right and all of the packets were blank:(

10:00 am
4) Realize that I most likely threw out the groups list that other teachers had already filled out for the trip we are taking next week. This list has to be turned in today so I had to ask them to fill it out all over again:(

5) I realize that the craft show that my student council groups made charity baskets for isn't until April 9th and not this weekend. I will be on vacation April 9th as will the kids and the administration:(

The Silver Lining...1) Pizza place opened at 10 am as hoped and super lucky surprise they unusually didn't have any other pizzas to deliver this morning so it arrived at 11am:)

2) Otto and Ava helped me clean up the coffee and found an old extra coffee mug that wasn't cracked. O and A want to keep the broken coffee mug to use to spray water at each other in the pool this summer. Bonus for re-purposing my little angels:)

3) Kids loved the stapled packets and asked if they could use them as scrap drawing paper. I used another copier and it worked just fine for the rest of the packets:)

4) Other teachers were not annoyed to redo their lists since they had made a copy of the original list they gave me. Thank GOODNESS:)

5) Not sure how to solve this one but I am thinking that I could call the charity agency and drop the baskets off early? :)

"When you get lemons, make lemonade!"

Hope you all are enjoying a lovely Friday and a terrific weekend! Enjoy!



Sweater Dress: Max Studio (Marshall's, Clearance $10, 2011)
Jeggings: NY&Co (Clearance $5, 2010)
Shoes: American Eagle (Payless, $10)
Necklace: Gift Shop at Big Cedar Lodge ($8)