Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Home-Run

When: Wednesday, March 16
I learned a couple things today...

1) You know that you need to change a few things with your wardrobe when individuals who see you on a daily basis start to make a really big deal over the fact that you actually have worn color. I think, based on what I have posted, you could figure out really easily that I don't wear a lot of color. I have tried to force some change though by reorganizing my closet. Since the 30 for 30 challenge I moved my darker colored clothes to the bottom hanging rack of my closet and my more colorful clothes to the top rack. Since I instinctively chose off of the top rack when I get dressed I have found that I am choosing to wear pieces that I haven't worn since out of sight out of mind.

2) You know that you have hit a home-run with an outfit when even the guys you work with look down at what they are wearing and make comments regarding what else they could have worn that day after complimenting you on your own ensemble.This little piece of insight was really fun for me! I asked my husband about it and he agreed that women have a lot better choices of things to wear then guys do.

3) You know that spring has sprung when you don't care that you are wearing satin heels and decide to run down a rocky and muddy hill just to take pictures by a river because you can see the ground isn't covered in snow!
Ooh, another reason, to love being a lady:) Enjoy!



Jacket: H&M ($39.95, Spring 2011)
Shirt: Banana Republic ($15,  Clearance Outlet, 2009)
Skirt: Kenar (Marshall's, $19.99, Spring 2011)
Heels: Parade of Shoes ($30, 2003) (Sadly, this company went out of buisness:( I loved their shoes!)
Tights: Merona (Target, $5)
Large Bead Necklace: Banana Republic ($20, Outlet, 2009)