Friday, March 18, 2011

Eggplant Is The New Green

When: Thursday, March 17th
Okay, NO PINCHING! I know that it is St. Patty's Day and I am not in the color of the day but I realized that I don't own anything green that is dressy work wear. I don't think the parents I am meeting with today would really think highly of me if I wore my Kiss Me I'm Irish kissing frog shirt or maybe they might have. DARN IT I missed my chance.

Eggplant would be the name of my color scheme today not green. Anywho, dressy it is so here's the dish on my ensemble. Doesn't ensemble sound all fancy? I think I have a new word. YEAH!

I paired my lovely eggplant dress with purple satin bow heels that have been worn only one time in the last three years. I realized why when I almost did a face plant in them while trying to quickly race walk into my building today for work. Note to self: Eggplant Satin Heels don't want to be used as athletic shoes, and instead want to make a sauntering entrance. If you cross them they will rebel by causing you to plummet forward toward the ground. Okay, duly noted heels. No running. They have ended up being a lot more comfortable than I thought so that was a happy surprise. A pair of lace printed tights in a nude/purpley tone are keeping my legs warm.

The lace A-line jacket covered up the bareness of the dress to keep my arms warm. I wanted a lighter look to the deep eggplant color so the lace did a terrific job of lightning the look since the color could peer through the lace. Finally my lovely pearl statement necklace and pearl earrings and off I went to conquer the parent teacher conference meetings today.




Dress: Mossimo (Target, $25, 2010)
A-Line Jacket: Solitaire (Marshall's, $17, 2011)
Heels: Forever Twenty-One ($20, 2008)
Necklace: Lucy and Laurel (TJ Maxx, $40)
Tights: Target (2008)