Thursday, March 24, 2011

OAGJ Spotlight: Etsy Store

Silver Branch and White Pearl Bracelet
I want to purchase this for an Easter gift for my Ava

These remind me of a museum piece

I am thinking of purchasing this for a friend who is getting married

I LOVE Etsy. If you aren't sure what Etsy is then please let me have the joy of filling you in on this amazing oasis of creativity and small business. Etsy is a site where artists and crafters of all persuasions can set up little online shops to sell their wares. It is the most fantastic discovery that I have ever made. You can literally purchase anything you could possibly want and some things you didn't even realize that you needed. I tend to look at the amazing and unique jewelry that is available along with other accessories and photograph images. Those tend to be my favorite things to look at. But you can find all kinds of amazing finds there as well.

Today, I decided to look at lockets. I seem to be on a locket kick and Etsy was my first shopping stop. I would rather spend my money to benefit an artist then to spend it at the mall. I love to look at handcrafted items I own and know that love and care went into making them and now that love and care is all mine:)

Result of today's search: vintageandglam

A Little About The Shop:
Hello and welcome to my shop! I am a full time jewelry designer operating my business from my home.

I love creating jewelry especially Vintage and Victorian style or Hollywood Glam so you will see a lot of those type creations. When I use the terms antiqued or oxidized it means the jewelry has been made to look aged. It gives the appearance of beautiful estate style jewelry. Here you will find a rainbow of colors and antiqued or bright metals.

I have an eclectic mix of styles and my goal is to create jewelry as unique as you are! I hope you enjoy my creations! :)

As you can see from the images the jewelry is delicate, oozes days gone by, and can only described as amazingly sweet!




I am in no way compensated for discussing this store. I simply wanted to share my new found shop with you.