Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seeing Red

                                  Hello, leaves are you still sleeping? WELL, WAKE UP!
                                  Take the picture, please, honey. I can't feel my toes!

30 for 30 Remix
Day 9
When: Thursday, February 10

I LOVE my new belt from Modcloth. The shiny silver of the buckle is really striking. I also loved the fact that it has a really fabulous faux snakeskin pattern on it. I wanted to have something pop in my outfit, since it was all black, so red it was! I added a little more red with a pendant necklace that had an oval red stone as the focal point. The dress I am wearing as a tunic is HUGE so when I bought it I knew that I would need to wear it with a belt. As long as I do that it looks chic. It is one of those items where it must have been an off day when it was made because it could never really be worn any other way.

If anyone has any ideas on how to wear an over sized dress in another cool way let me know please. I would love to hear your advice.

P.S. The gloves were not worn with the outfit during the day but my fingers couldn't take the 12 degree temperature without them!

Dress (Worn as a Tunic): Mossimo (Target, $5, Fall Clearance)
Pants: Mossimo (Target, $7, Fall Clearance)
Belt: Modcloth ($15)
Boots: Route 66 (Kmart, $20, Fall 2010)