Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh, Those Crazy Kids!

Love Ya!
So as Valentine's Day quickly approaches I thought I would share a little insight about that lovely day and also give you a look into some middle schooler's minds by sharing some of their sometimes adorable, caring, funny, and interesting thoughts.

A Little Background:
I have so much respect for Middle School age kids. I would never want to go back to being that age again, unless I was able to take all of my current knowledge with me. Then it might actually be fun, but I degrees. I have mentioned that I am a teacher and that I work in a Middle School but I haven't shared that I am the Student Council Advisor for my middle school. I am telling you this because it links to what I am sharing today. Anyway, we sell flowers at lunchtime to raise money for a charity. We call it "Giving A Little Love". The kids fill out a note that will accompany their flower on delivery day. I have to read all of their notes and make sure that there isn't anything inappropriate written on them so I do A LOT of reading. So far this year we have sold 856 flowers so that is 856 notes I have read. In case you are wondering what I do with the inappropriate one's, I rewrite them to be appropriate and send them on their way. I usually only have one or two that have to be edited.

Here are a few of them one's that made me smile or actually laugh out loud and really helped me to remember why I LOVE my job...

"You btr get me a flower"
"The sq root of 1600 is forty"
"UR My One and Only"
"(all of these are from C but writen by H because he was sick:) )
"Your the best. You owe me:)"
"Best Sister Eva" (Eva is teen speak for Ever)
"Your Bro. Got ya pink. Love ya sis."
"Valentines Day is here. You haven't relized That I'm usually near. Now you know, so it's the end of the show. Your used to be, Secret Valentine"
"I'm so sorry and I hope you forgive me!"
"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We are great friends and I "heart" U!"
"hey just thought I would buy you this"
"I will always be your bestie with lots of love!"
"Your are a great friend! You are always there when I need somebody"
"I'll always love you forever and always my love is stronger then you will ever know."
"Have a great Valentine's Day! You're beautiful! That sounds creepy."
"Thanks for your help with J, even if it didn't turn out so great."
"Hope you like the flower. I bought it specially for you. Love you"
"Heey, S I know we've hit a hard patch but your still a great friend 4ever. We need to hang out."
"Surprise! I bet you weren't expecting this! Love You!"
"See I told you I would buy you a flower. Hope your day is special. Love you!"
" (heart) u, got u one this year for the one u got me last year."
"Oi! Have a have a great Valentine's day. I guess! I love you & stuff..."
"Hola! I know you love Spanish! BFF!"
"hate you!...Bestie"

Okay, I have to tell you that while I was typing these I was taken immediately back to my Middle School experiences and could match people I know to the things that the kids wrote above. I have a smile on my face just re-reading them! Oh, the joy is in the little things....Have a wonderful day!

Any fun memories from Middle School you have?