Sunday, February 6, 2011

OAGJ Spotlight: My Style Icon- My Sister

OAGJ Spotlight: A Style Icon of J’s

Who: Laurie, My Sister

Ever since I started thinking of starting this little blog, two years ago, my sister has been in the forethought of my mind. We were mistaken for twins on many occasion and used it to our advantage in our 20’s to create intrigue, but she always was a stand out in style. She has been a fashion inspiration to me and, for a long time, all of my best fashion pieces were due to her guidance and suggestion. I would sometimes even snap pictures with my phone and send them to her to look at. I used to pretend, in my mind, like she was my personal stylist always wanting the newest thing that she had purchased for herself because knew it would be the next big fashion hit!

Laurie has always had a flare to her fashion. She created her own trends to follow and while, at times, following the main stream, for the most part she created trends for other’s to follow. Laurie was the one in high school who wanted to pull out my mom’s prom dress and wear it not because it was the retro thing to do at the time but because she appreciated the styling of the dress for the beauty that it was. In college she created her own clubbing outfits from scratch instead of heading to the mall to purchase something off of the rack. She has continued that styling through her creative flair in her professional work attire to casual hanging out with family and friends. Browse a few pictures above to get a better idea of why she is in my own opinion an icon.  She is also creating quite a little style ingenue in my little niece who I also have the privilege of as having as my namesake:)

Truth be told…She really didn’t want me to Spotlight her right now, as she is 7 months pregnant with my next little niece or nephew, but I couldn’t help it. She looks at herself and sees flaws and I look at her and see an iconbeautiful, stylish, an individual, a best friend, a wonderful mom, and an OAGJ ICON! Love you sis!

P.S. I also made a promise to Spotlight her again after our new little angel is born so be watching for that this summer!