Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Outfit: A Pink Sparkly Princess

30 for 30: Remix
Day 5
The Outfit: A Pink and Sparkly Little PrincessWhen: Saturday, February 5
“A’s” third birthday party was yesterday and her only request was for a “Pink and Sparkly Princess” party. She decided standing, in Target yesterday morning (yes, I waited till the last minute to get everything we needed.), that she wanted a kitty party instead. This turned out to be one of those amazing “you were thinking what I was moments” because my fab mom-in-law said that she was going to make a kitty cake. Mom-in-law is an amazing baker and cook this puts some pressure on a lady, me, to pull off a great dinner. The party was terrific and “A” had an amazing time with her brother, cousin, and relatives. Incidentially, “O” chose to wear the little suit all on his own for the party. I was so proud of him and he looked so handsome! “A” wore her gorgeous Christmas dress that she had only worn once since we missed out on Christmas due to me being sick with the flu. She calls hit her dancing party dress and kept asking “O” to dance with her:) So cute!

On to what I wore… 
I really love dressing down on the weekend but since A’s party was in the afternoon and hubby started working Saturday’s now it just made sence to get dressed as soon as I woke up for the day. One of the things that I have learned about my children’s birthday parties is that I need to be comfortable and wear something that photographs well, since the pictures will be looked at for years and years to come. I really like the shirt and tight combination. At first I thought it might be too much but I think it gave the outfit even more of a 1960’s vibe to it, which I am a fan of. Even better the shirt and gold chain belt were both thrifted for less than $5 for both of them! Best deal ever!

Shirt: Liberty of London for Target (Goodwill, $3)
Shirt (worn under): Banana Republic (Fall 2009, $15)
Skirt: DKNY (Marshall’s, Clearance Winter 2011, $10)
Tights: Merona (Target, $5)
Boots: Ciao Bella (DSW, Winter Clearance 2011, $70)
Belt: Goodwill ($1.50)